Bettina Habekost Tanz

Bettina Habekost



Projects in dance, music, theatre, show. Teacher of dance & performance

  • Regular dance classes in Mannheim
  • Director for comedian Christian „Chako“ Habekost
  • Since 2006 coach for performance, workout, dance & choreography
    at the Popacademy Mannheim and at the PopCamp, Deutscher Musikrat
  • Performance coach at bandpool Mannheim
  • Performance coach at BANDSUPPORT Mannheim
  • Individual workshops for bands, choirs, theatre ensembles, schools
  • Choreography and performance coaching for artists


Some biographical notes

  • Research trips, dance studies, inter-cultural exchange, performance projects and work in the USA, Germany, England, Canada, India and the Caribbean (Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Cuba)
  • Graduate of the Jamaica School of Dance in Kingston, studies in "Caribbean Folk Dance Repertory" and "Modern Jamaican Dance", training with the National Dance Theatre Company of Jamaica under Rex Nettleford and Barry Moncrieffe
  • Folk Dance Studies with Cyril St.Lewis and Julia Edwards Dance Company in Trinidad
  • Studies in dance technique and history of Afro-Cuban Dances and Salsa Cubana with Daisy Villalejo and Leonardo Martinez (Conjúnto Folklórico Nacional de Cuba) in Havana, Cuba
  • From 1994 - 1996 performances with the act “Chako & Tina” at the Trinidad & Tobago Carnival with the biggest Calypso-Show of the country. The stage appearances of Bettina Habekost cause a sensational echo in the media. In Germany, the largest TV station ZDF showcases this story in its evening news heute journal while another station, ARD, shows a full feature documentary. Performances in New York and Toronto follow.
  • Nationwide performances in Germany with the Botao Tanzensemble as part of a political comedy show at renowned theatres like Münchner Lach- und Schießgesellschaft, Renitenztheater Stuttgart etc.
  • In 1994 Bettina Habekost founds the FLEX DANCE COMPANY specialising in a cross-cultural mixture of various European, East Indian and Caribbean dance styles
  • Choreographic work, dancer and actress for various TV shows
  • Choreographic work for Germany’s leading pop artist Xavier Naidoo and "O Live Lait" - the Show
  • Guest teacher at Brockwood Park School in England
  • Performance & vocals with the „Chako Music Show“


Bettina Habekost Dance

Do what you love and love what you do

Bettina Habekost




"Passion is crucial! To overcome the `limitations of thought´ is part of my philosophy of dance and life."

Bettina Habekost

Bettina Habekost Dance
Bettina Habekost Dance


Based on her various international experiences Bettina Habekost has developed a cross- cultural dance language which she teaches and further develops in numerous workshops, dance classes, and choreographies.
For her teaching she has developed two main approaches: Caribbean Dance and Dance Fusion.
The source of Caribbean Dance is the forces of nature, central to Caribbean mythology, manifested in a special rhythmic feel.
Dance Fusion brings together various styles of music and movement creating individual expressions of dance: Street Jazz, Locking, Modern Jazz, Afro, Latin, Reggae, Lounge, Drum & Bass, and Trance...
In developing a dance style of cultural cross-over, Bettina Habekost draws her creative energy from the inter-cultural hotbed of influences from Europe, Africa, and Latin America and the dynamics of tradition / modernization, Creole folklore / pop culture. All this is, in one way or another, reflected in her personal biography and dance experiences around the world.

While in Europe and the U.S., Caribbean Music and Dance are often treated superficially and stereotypically, Bettina’s work as teacher and choreographer is highlighted by a vital authenticity.
While her approach respectfully acknowledges the original styles of Afro-Caribbean folklore and its spiritual meanings, it still leaves endless space for innovative and creative new expressions for class and performance.


„ ... Body Training - Dance Technique - Heart, Mind & Soul ...“

Bettina’s teaching aims at emotionalizing the members of her workshops.
With her direct and heart-warming way of approaching people she conveys the very philosophy of her teaching: it’s not only about steps, movements and technique; it is about love … for rhythm, music, dance, and life itself ... a wholesome experience.

Rich repertoire of various styles, techniques and rhythms:

  • Dance Fusion: Street / Locking / Latin / Lounge / Drum & Bass/ Afro
  • Reggae from Jamaica
  • Salsa Freestyle from Cuba
  • Soca & Calypso from Trinidad
  • Afro-Caribbean Roots: traditional folklore & ritual dance forms dealing with the forces of nature (i.e. Kumina from Jamaica, Santeria from Cuba)
  • Modern Caribbean: fusion of African-Caribbean elements with innovatively stylised forms of Modern Dance


Classes and Workshops:

  • Ongoing classes in Mannheim
  • Weekend Workshops
  • Personal Coaching

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"When we are one with the music, the sound, the word and their messages, our heart, spirit and soul are put into motion.
The unhindered passage of this movement is the beginning of choreography, an artistic image of inspiration & creativity."

Bettina Habekost

Bettina Habekost Choreopraphy
Bettina Habekost Choreography

The central aspect of any choreographic work is the creative embodiment of music, song and word.
Choreography should never limit the performer in expressing one’s art. On the other hand, it should, at the least engage and at best, surprise the audience and ultimately go beyond its’ expectations.
In creating choreography with a group, just like for the performance itself, the development of "team spirit" is particularly important.
Team spirit can only be developed if everyone is sure of oneself and one’s work at hand. To have a clear-cut and positive idea of each movement is the basis, the playground, on which the artist can let one’s spontaneity run wild.


Workshops, directing, production for:

· dance companies· musicals· live concerts: bands, choirs· all kinds of stage shows· comedy· film / music videos

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"The secret of true success is to be independent of it.
Without this freedom,
success is but the indefinite struggle
for a finite illusion."

Bettina Habekost

Bettina Habekost Performance
Bettina Habekost Performance


In the age of a mega-commercialized pop culture there is a general lack of authenticity. Too many copycats are on the scene and the central aspect "performance" is often neglected or only superficially executed.
That is why Bettina Habekost's workshops focus mainly on the specific individuality and creativity of each artist / performer.
This individual uniqueness is to be discovered, nourished and further developed in order to create innovative forms of artistic expression.

„The true performer can adapt one or more roles – and still is an authentic individual.
In doing so the role play ceases and only art itself remains.“


In Bettina Habekost's Performance Workshops (group or personal coaching) musicians, singers and dancers are working on:

  • individuality / originality
  • stage presence
  • expression / emotion
  • performance as a wholesome expression of text & music
  • creativity / spontaneity
  • team spirit
  • audience rapport


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